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August 2, 2014 - We have a bit of summer left and then the cool, crisp days of fall - no snow yet but it's time to start gearing up to get ready for another season! 

Let's hope for even more snow next year!

New 2014 Hardy Country Maps are in! Please send $3.00 and 6"x4.5" self addressed envelope to Hardy Country, C/O Sue Waring, 31 Waring Road, Bristol, NH 03222 for your copy.

(see "2. Hardy Country Maps" page for preview)

Harvest Festival:

Our "from-the-past celebrity", E.T., who recently discovered the fun of snowmobiling and joined us at the town of Orange Harvest Festival, made another appearance for Hardy Country, this time at the Outdoor Performance Open House on October 26th. 






    President-                       Tim French

    Vice President-                 Chuck Stata

    Treasurer-                          Tom Lloyd

    Secretary-                          Jennifer Lloyd

    Trail Administrator-        Bruce Barnard

    Asst. Trail Admin.-          VACANT

    Trail Master-                    Bill Robertie

    Asst. Trail Master-           David Lloyd


The many miles of great trails in New Hampshire are built by people who are committed to promoting this great winter outdoor activity. Sadly, so many who enjoy the rush of riding the snowy trails and the camaraderie of friends forget that there is another group of friends: the club volunteers who donate their time, expertise and energy to make snowmobiling happen. Club officers who take care of the administrative details, men and women who show up to clear and maintain trails, those who expend extra time to train to operate groomers (and work many overnight shifts to keep the trails groomed) as well as the folks who participate in club fund raising activities are all “Friends of Snowmobiling”. The weather cycle has, unfortunately, sent us two snow scarce winters but the work has to go on! Snowmobiling depends on volunteers. We have several months of trailwork that must be done before snow falls and could certainly use more help to complete projects necessary to our trail system. We are also urgently in need of someone to serve as Supper Coordinator to keep our fundraising and community service activity alive.

Please give some of your time to help Hardy Country Snowmobile Club this year!


S.O.S. - Save Our Suppers!

We are seeking a supper coordinator to resume the Second Saturday Suppers. Our loyal kitchen crew has need of someone to organize the suppers and procure supplies in order to continue this very necessary adjunct to our treasury. Without a volunteer to fulfill this position, we will must continue to suspend the suppers. Anyone interested in becoming our supper coordinator needs to notify the President at 603-744-6158.