December 15 2015 - Opening Day! 
The trails are officially open today for the season. Most of the gaits are open.   There is some snow in the higher elevations but anyone attempting to ride this early should be very careful as the ground is still not frozen and there is open water bars just about everywhere.  We will not be grooming this week as we need a little bit more snow before we can start grooming.  Hopefully we will get a few more inches soon so we can start grooming.  

12/12/14  Bridge Work Update 
Unfortunately at this time we are not able to get a commitment from our excavator contractor that he will be able to have the steel for the bridge ready for us to deck this weekend. The ice this week has been a challenge.  We were expecting  that we would be good to deck it this weekend but it does not look like this will happen at this point.   
We will update here as soon as we know anything else.  
We apologize to everyone who have been offering to help the past several weeks. It has been very frustrating for all of us not being able to have a firm plan in place before the weekend. 

Update 12/5

We are still waiting for the steel and concrete to be placed before we can deck the bridge. Progress has been made, however,  due to the snow and ice it has taken longer than expected.  Glen Hansen has been using his entire fleet of heavy equipment to plow and sand and drag the heavy materials up to the bridge site using some pretty creative techniques to get up the icy hills.  Glen is also the road agent for the town of Groton and has been forced to spend a great deal of time over the past couple of weeks keeping the town roads clear.  I tried telling him that snowmobile trails are much more important that streets but he insists on plowing the roads.  :)

Glen is doing a good job and we appreciate him taking on this difficult job for us. He assured me that we will be good to go next weekend and ready for opening day.  I appreciate all the support we have been getting from club members who have been ready to help for the past two weekends. I also appreciate your patience with the last minute delays two weeks in a row. I hope we can get a big turnout next weekend so we can get this bridge done before opening day(Dec. 15).  Please email the club if you are able to help out next weekend so we know what we have for help.

  You can also contact me by phone if that is easier. 

Dave Lloyd 603-481-0569


We really need your 

We recently discovered that a large section of Corridor 24 between the power lines and Sculptured Rocks has completely washed out and is not usable. 

This happened during a heavy rain storm we had at the end of October after we had already completed maintenance on that trail.  We need to re-route the trail and build a brand new bridge in just a couple of weeks’ time. This is critical that we get this done as losing this trail would cut off access to over 50% of our entire trail system. 

The size of this project would typically take close to a year from plan to completion and we need to do it in just 2 weeks with a very limited budget.

What you can do to help!   

Work Party Sunday 12/7, meet at Hebron Village Store 8 am- Cookout at work site!

Help us to build the bridge, Thanksgiving weekend! We know, not the best time but we really don't have a choice! We need to wait until the concrete and steel are in place and we can secure the funding to purchase the lumber.   Even if you have never done anything like this before that is ok!

We need all kinds of help from carrying boards to hammering in nails to helping with a cookout to feed the crew! Bring the whole family! There will be something for everyone to do!  Then every time you ride your sled across it for the next decade you can tell everyone in your group that you built this bridge in one day and it is strong enough to hold logging trucks and groomers!

Now you have an excuse to have an extra piece of pie on Thanksgiving because you are going to work it off over the weekend.                                              

Please RSVP to the club email address and let us know if you are available so we can best plan the day.

Thank you in advance for your commitment to Hardy Country Snowmobile Club!


Yup! This used to be the trail.  Silly water!  No problem. We'll just go around! 

Well, after we build a new trail and a bridge we will go around!


Just look at the picture! You know this isn't going to be cheap! We did not plan on such an expensive project this fall..  If everyone contributes a little bit, the several thousand dollars we need won't seem so bad! Any amount you can contribute will be helpful.  Please send a check to
  1. Hardy Country Snowmobile Club 
  2. PO Box 43, Hebron,NH 03241

Please don't wait until your first ride! This is the easiest way you can help!   By sending in your application now with your membership dues we can put that money to use immediately for purchasing fuel for grooming.  If we could get 80-90% of our membership to join the club before Dec. 1 it would really help out alot!  We will not receive any money from the state for grooming until a month after we start grooming. By joining a few weeks earlier it really makes a difference.        
Please print out the application and send it in with a check and we will mail you your membership card right away so you have it when you register your sled! 
Send your application and check to: 
Hardy Country Snowmobile Club PO Box 43, Hebron,NH 03241   
    1. Click here to print the membership application:2014-2015 HCSC Membership Application




2014-2015 Hardy Country Maps are in! Please send $4 and an address to mail the map to:

 HCSC, c/o Jen Lloyd, PO Box 43, Hebron, NH 03241.

(see "2. Hardy Country Maps" page for preview)

 Club Meetings are held the second Saturday of the month from October through April at 7 pm at the Hebron Community Hall (the Hebron Church).  All are welcome!





Hardy Country Snowmobile Club 

2014-2015 Officers

Vice President   Chuck Stata
   Treasurer    Tom Lloyd
Trail Administrator Bruce Barnard
Trail Master Bill Robertie
Assistant Trail Master        David Lloyd 
Secretary  Jen Lloyd 


Communication radios for 


Cell phone reception is very spotty in the high country and along Rt. 118.  Last season, one of our groomers had to walk a mile at night alone to a spot where he could pick up a cell phone signal to call for help when the groomer broke down.

For the safety of our groomer operators, we are raising funds for a repeater and an antenna.  The total cost for these will be approximately $1000. 

If you would like to make a donation towards this endeavor, please note this on your membership renewal or you can send a check with a note specifying its allocation to: HCSC, Attention: Treasurer/Secretary, P.O. Box 43, Hebron, NH 03241.

 Thank you in advance for enhancing safety and supporting peace of mind for the groomers and their families!


Memberships and Registrations
You are able to join HCSC and register your snowmobiles at the following locations:
Hebron Village Store, Hebron
Newfound Grocery, Bridgewater
Outdoor Performance, Bridgewater
Trading Post, Bristol
Please support them as they support us!