Update August 20, 2015 -
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        Hardy Country Snowmobile Club 

Hi Everyone. Just thought I would give a quick update on what we have been up to and what is planned for this summer and fall.. We have been working for the past couple of months on finding a new route for 24 East from George Rd. to Auto Air Plus. We no longer have permission to use the existing trail.

The good news is that the Merrill family and Green Acre Woodlands have given us permission to use their land for the new trail. We greatly appreciate this. We are almost done finalizing the new route and are hoping to be able to start construction of this two mile re-route in August. This might be overly optimistic as we still need to wait for some some permitting.

The not so good news is that we really do not know if we are going to be able to complete this project this fall with the limited funds we have available. Unfortunately, we found out about the trail closure just after the deadline for applying for grant money for this type of project so the club is going to have to pay for the entire project ourselves. Normally for a project this size we would get assistance from grant money that is funded by your registration fees. While we understand the importance of this trail for connecting Hardy Country with Bridgewater, depleting our treasury to get this done could jeopardize our ability to groom the rest of our trail system as we would not have the money to keep our equipment running if we had a breakdown.

We are certainly not giving up on trying to get this project done this year yet. We are still exploring all possible options for getting the tree work and extensive excavating done. I will post updates when we are ready for volunteer help for bridge building and tree removal. If you have any ideas or know someone with excavating and/or tree removal equipment please ask them to help the club!!

We would also love to find a few members that would be willing to establish and coordinate a fund raising committee. If we could get our members to invest in our trail system we could really improve snowmobiling around Newfound Lake. I believe that with the right person leading the effort, we could demonstrate to snowmobilers the benefits to donating and investing in the club. This could be a great opportunity for someone to help out the club who does not live locally. 
Please contact us if you are able to help with fundraising.

 Respectfully Submitted, Dave Lloyd, Trail Master

We appreciate when you add your own trail reports and updates on our Facebook page as conditions can change fast this time of year.  Please keep this in mind over the summer as well. If you happen to be out hiking, hunting, biking etc on our trails and notice a problem with a bridge or a major washout please notify us ASAP so we can deal with it.  Feel free to share your concerns/suggestions on our Facebook page or you can email the club directly. hardycountrysnowmobileclub@yahoo.com    


Membership Changes
There are major changes happening January 1st affecting online snowmobile registration and club memberships.
The August newsletter will be out within the week with more information and details will be provided at the        September 12th meeting and cookout (details also to follow very soon on the cookout!)
The new membership forms will be posted on our website, emailed and to current members.

2015-2016 Hardy Country Maps are in! 

Please send $4 and an address to mail the map to:

 HCSC, c/o Jen Lloyd, PO Box 43, Hebron, NH 03241.

(see "2. Hardy Country Maps" page for preview)

 Club Meetings are held the second Saturday of the month from October through April at 

7 pm at the Hebron Community Hall (the Hebron Church).  All are welcome!





Hardy Country Snowmobile Club 

2015-2016 Officers

Chuck Stata 
 Vice PresidentLarry Kill 
 Treasurer Tom Lloyd
 Secretary Jen Lloyd
 Trail Administrator Daryl Smith
 Assistant Trail Administrator Billy MacPherson
 Trail MasterDave Lloyd
Assistant Trail MasterFrankie Hobart, Jr.


Communication radios for 


Cell phone reception is very spotty in the high country and along Rt. 118.  Last season, one of our groomers had to walk a mile at night alone to a spot where he could pick up a cell phone signal to call for help when the groomer broke down.

For the safety of our groomer operators, we are raising funds for a repeater and an antenna.  The total cost for these will be approximately $1000. 

If you would like to make a donation towards this endeavor, please note this on your membership renewal or you can send a check with a note specifying its allocation to: HCSC, Attention: Treasurer/Secretary, P.O. Box 43, Hebron, NH 03241.

 Thank you in advance for enhancing safety and supporting peace of mind for the groomers and their families!


Memberships and Registrations
You are able to join HCSC and register your snowmobiles at the following locations:
Hebron Village Store, Hebron
Newfound Grocery, Bridgewater
Outdoor Performance, Bridgewater
Trading Post, Bristol
Please support them as they support us!